DIY Ornament Wreath

 So this was definitely one of the quicker DIY things lately and best of all?! It was FREEEE!!

photo 3


What you’ll need:

– Metal hanger

– Cheap/plastic or left over ornaments (I have no idea the count maybe 50 or so, just to be safe)

– Ribbon or fabric for bow (I obviously used the left over fabric from the DIY tree skirt from the previous post)

– Hot glue gun

Glue the top (where the hook would go) to the ball of the ornament to make sure it doesn’t fall off.


photo 2

Undo the top of the screw part of the hanger so it isn’t connected. Form the hanger into a round shape and start stringing all the ornaments on packing them as closely together as possible.

Once you get to the top, screw the two pieces back together. I left the hook at the top so it would be easier to hang.

I then looped some burlap to cover the upper portion of the hanger and put on some bows to make it pretty.

UPDATE: This was leaning against something so I could take it into work (which I forgot that day) and Bentley (our Dane) got into this too. 😦



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