DIY Ruffle Burlap Tree Skirt


So this was my inspiration (pinsperation since I found it – like everything else – on Pinterest). You can see her fabulous design and tutorial (that I used) here !


What you’ll need:
– 2 yards of burlap [$2.99 on sale at Joann’s – Walmart usually has it too]

– 2 yards of red (or any color) fabric (I got 4 because I found some fab fabric on sale at Joann’s) [$3.99]

– Hot glue gun [I have a cheapy $8 one]

– TONS of glue stick (I only have 3 left over from a bag I picked up) [I think this cost more than my glue gun haha]

– Cheap or old treeskirt for base (I’ve read that some people used old table cloths as well) [FREE!]

– Wine (just kidding.. kind of)

NOTE: This is a VERY(!!!) time consuming project! I did it over three evenings.

First start by cutting 3″ strips of each of your fabric. Have fun with that burlap! (lol)

Lay out your tree skirt and get ready!


(Isn’t that red fabric awesome?! SO Christmassy!)

I started at the bottom of the tree skirt, layed down about 1 1/2″ of glue and put the fabric on it and held for a couple seconds. I’d then fold over a little bit backwards and put a dot of glue (fabric to fabric) to hold the ‘ruffle’. You can see the glue got HOT so I used my pin box to do the job for me.


Keep doing that all the way around the skirt. Don’t freak when your strip runs out. Just glue the next one to it and keep going. It doesn’t even have to be pretty, you won’t even notice it.

Next row is the burlap. Figure how far apart you want your rows and repeat the above steps. (My burlap ruffles were a bit bigger than the fabric) One thing I noticed with the burlap is it doesn’t stick as easily as the fabric (duh). So I ended up pinning each ruffle down as I went like this..


Keep going all the way around and again don’t worry when you run out, just glue two pieces together.


I got up at stretched ever time a row was done. My back was KILLING me by the end of this project. The ruffles get smaller as you work your way up.


The finished product!!


UPDATE: After coming home from work one night this is what I found..


BOO!! 😦 Our Dane got bored and thought I made him a chew toy. I still haven’t fixed it, but I will.. someday. This isn’t the only thing he ruined either. Double boo.


4 thoughts on “DIY Ruffle Burlap Tree Skirt

  1. You left a LIKE on our blog, so I thought I’d check you out. Sweet blog, but did you know your pictures aren’t coming through? Only one of the pics after “lay out your stuff and get ready” posted–the rest show broken image icons. Good luck. Ken

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