DIY Harry Potter Apron

So I’m sure many people have seen the AWESOME HP apron on Pinterest made by Bakingdom which you can find here.

Again I saw this and since I’m a HUGE HP nerd said, “I’m sure I can make that!” (plus she posted a semi photo tutorial)


What You’ll Need:

– 2 yards grey fabric (you could probably get away with 1, but I get 2 of everything just in case – $2.99/yd @ Joann’s)

– 1 yard of black fabric ($2.99/yd @ Joann’s)

– 1/4 of a yard red and gold (or whatever HP colors you desire) glittery Tulle/Mesh type fabric

– Thin red and gold (or whatever colors you are doing) ribbon

– 3 packs of 2.75m Bias Tape

– HP patch ordered from here ($6.95 from Universal Studios web store)


If you already have an apron around your house this step is super simple, just lay down your fabric then your apron on top and trace away. Since I didn’t have an apron already I kept my fabric folded (like it comes from the store) and hand drew an outline. Now cut along the line you’ve drawn/traced.

 Sorry it’s so light and my picture quality is so crappy. These are iPhone pics – I can’t find my charger for my DSLR anywhere! (and my point and shoot got stolen at the Harry Potter theme park – go figure) Hopefully I’ll get a new camera for Christmas!! 🙂

ETA: This was the original outline I drew, I ended up cutting off quite a bit from the bottom to make it a bit more round and not so ‘boatish’.



Now I laid down my cut out grey portion (still folded) onto my folded black fabric and traced the curve and then free-handed the bottom (which later on was cut to make it curve more). Here I wish I would have made it longer to ruffle the black bottom part when attached to the grey.



Now this feels a little ‘odd’ because in your mind it’s not going to fit. Put right sides together (so your seem will be facing backwards – your curves will be opposite) and start with the ‘point’ on one side of the black and sew it all the way around so the other ‘point’ is attached to the grey.

(You can see below how different the shape of the bottom is compared to what I free-handed up top and where I rounded the grey instead of having a corner.)



Now on some left over grey draw/trace two pockets.



You can either glue or sew the ribbon horizontally across the top. Then pin and sew your bias tape around the pocket as a border.


This is where I wasn’t thinking (or I was just rushing) and didn’t sew close to the inside edge of the bias tape. It will look better, but be careful you’re getting the front layer and back layer of the tape while sewing.

If you don’t sew on the inside edge it will end up like this when you sew it onto your apron..



Now pin your pockets to your apron and sew around the edges leaving the top open to make the actual pocket (obviously).




After your pockets are attached pin the bias tape around the whole apron and sew it down. Remember what I said about sewing close to the inside edge.



Here I had extra grey left over so I made the neck ‘string’ thick by taking two 3 or 4″ strips of fabric folded right sides together and sewing one end and the long raw edge. Flip it right side out and pin and sew the raw (non sewn) end to the top corners of your apron.



I didn’t want to make thick strings to go around the waist so I used left over bias tape and sewed the opening together with a zigzag stitch and attached them to where the apron falls on my waist.



Take your tulle/mesh and cut little rectangle pieces (maybe 2″x3″ – doesn’t need to be perfect) of both colors.

Then I kind of ‘accordianed’ one end…


laid it onto the bottom, back side of the apron..


and pinned it down alternating the colors..


After it was all pinned down I just sewed a line as close to the inner edge of the bias tape that I could get.


Now I had to wait 6 days for my patch to come in, once it did I ironed it on to the upper left corner of the apron. I know most people also sew it, but I don’t think it’s going anywhere. If it does then I’ll sew it back on.



Now you have your finished product!

ETA: You can see here I made some bows and glued them on. If you want to sew them, make sure you either do it by hand so your pocket will still be functional, or do it before you sew the pocket onto the apron!





6 thoughts on “DIY Harry Potter Apron

  1. When I originally left a comment I appear to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is added I recieve 4 emails with
    the exact same comment. Is there a means you can remove
    me from that service? Thanks a lot!

  2. It looks good!

    I would like to do it for a friend of mine. Would you mind if you give me the measurements you used? Thanks! 🙂

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