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It seems like EVERYONE is drinking (or drank) ‘the water‘ and is pregnant or just had a baby. (That is why I’ll stick with coffee and Dr. Pepper!) So if you haven’t noticed most of my crafts/tutorials are baby related and that is the main reason. That and they’re fun and easy to make!

I followed this AWESOME tutorial over at Design, Dining + Diapers. Go check her out here. I altered mine just a little with the size since I wanted a little bit bigger one.




What You’ll Need:

*Depending on the size of blanket you want to make. The tutorial I followed did it with a 12″x12″ square. Mine came out to 17″x25″

1 yd of fabric for top (minky) – On sale at Joann’s for 50% off, came out to $6/yd + 15% off coupon

1 yd of fabric for bottom (flannel) – On sale at Joann’s for 60%, off came out to $2.67/yd + 15% off coupon

1 Spool of ribbon – $1.97 at WalMart

Matching thread – $2.16 at WalMart


Lay out your fabric and cut the size of blanket you want. Like I said above, the tutorial I followed did a 12×12 square which seemed perfect, but I just had extra fabric so I made mine a little bigger.

Cut your ribbon into 5″ strips



Lay out your minky fabric with right side up. Fold the ribbon in half with wrong sides together and pin evenly around the blanket with the ribbon loop inward. I pinned mine every 3″. image-2



Now put your flannel on top with the right side facing down so right sides are together and one by one take the pin from the ribbon and re-pin through all three layers.



Sew all the way around leaving about a 4″ opening and flip the blanket right side out..

(You’ll probably have to take a ribbon out that you pinned to do this.. don’t worry, you’ll put it back later)



Now fold in and pin the fabric of that hole with the ribbon you took out back in place and sew it closed. I also sewed around the blanket again for a more finished look..




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