So.. I have to say goodbye to WordPress.

It’s been fun, lovely.. whatever.

I’m going back to Blogger. It’s easier to use and on the old blog I had a bigger follower base.

Come catch me over at Wrapped in Glitter!!


Long time no see!

Well howdy! (uhh ya, I’m definitely not from Texas) A lot of things have happened since the last time I blogged and I’m so ready to jump back in full steam! We no longer live in FL and are back in our home city. The hubs was honorably discharged from the Air Force after 4 and a half interesting years and we’re currently loving civilian life!

We also moved into a house (YAY!) where we have more bedrooms than we know what to do with (helllooooo craft room!).


I started a new job out here working nights and love it! I’ve also transferred to a school out here to continue my education.

Well, get ready for a TON of posts because I have A LOT of making up to do!

Hello world!

I have finally ventured over to WordPress from the Blogger world. I have to say I love the layout of WP, but I have NO clue where anything is. It took me 30 minutes to figure out how to change my blog description. Go ahead and laugh.
I guess you’re wondering what this blog will be about and let me tell you, that is a fantastic question. I have no clue. It will be everything. I’m thinking mainly it will be where I can post tutorials for different crafts I’ve made, mixed with a ton of pictures (especially of our Dane), and a little bit of life thrown in.

Bear with me through the journey of figuring out this confusing as hell WP and I hope you enjoy!