Grinchmas Stocking


I originally saw something like this on Pinterest, but I’m pretty sure it was a plastic door decal type thing. Being the person I am I saw it, loved it, and immediately thought “I can make that!”. So after two trips to Joann’s Fabric (sign up for their email coupons!!) and one to walmart for the green I had all the supplies I needed. (I’ll do better from now on to keep the receipts so I can post how much I spent on each) This was less than $25 total.

image0Here is what you’ll need:
– 1 1/2 to 2 yards of Neon Green Fabric (it was thiiiiin cotton so I got three yards and doubled the front and back layer – $2.99 @ Walmart)
– 1/2 yard of Red Fabric (I got 1 yard because you can never not use red for scraps – On sale for $3.99/yd at Joann’s)
– Red Boa (this was full price, but had a 50% off one full priced item coupon for Joann’s – usually $8.99)
– Red Thread
– Green Thread
– Tacky Glue (or fabric glue)
– Fiberfill (pillow stuffing – 40% off at Joann’s, don’t remember the orig. price)
– Ribbon or a piece of fabric (to be able to hang the stocking)


I folded my green fabric so it was in a long rectangle and 4 layers thick, then hand drew the stocking with just a pencil. I would make it another inch thicker than this if I were to do it over again. Pin inside the stocking you drew so it won’t move and cut away the excess.


Since my green fabric was so thin I decided to double up so at this point I just quickly (and messily) basted two pieces of fabric together for the front and two for the back. Make sure you sew fairly close to the edge. If your fabric is thick enough just skip this step.


At this point I took random round things from around our house (different size cups, spools of thread/ribbon and a candle holder thing) and traced them on the red fabric with pencil. (Side note: I know people use actual marking pens/pencils and I have quite a few, but nothing has ever worked quite like a norm pencil for me) Now just cut out the circles you’ve traced. I had a total of 14 I put on the stocking with 2 or 3 left over.


Now just lay your circles out until you like how it looks. Go through one by one and use the tacky (or fabric) glue on the back and lay them back down. (If you are going to use this for indoors, you could probably get away with just gluing them, but mind went outside so I sewed them as well)



This part is technically optional, but like I said mine was going to go outside so I decided I didn’t want the spots falling off. I just put the machine on a zig zag stitch and (what felt like took forever) sewed around each circle.

This is where I got lazy with the pictures and they stopped until I was finished. Oops.

Anyway, now after all your circles are securely in place, put right sides together and sew around the stocking, leaving the top open.

Take your filling and a little at a time start at the curl of the toe and pack it in fairly thick so it holds the curl and keep filling until you’re at the top.

This is where I took a piece of ribbon probably 6-7″ long (1 1/2″ thick), fold it so the right sides were facing out and stuck the cut ends down into the top left corner of the stocking to make a loop for hanging it. Now sew the top closed. Doesn’t have to be pretty it will be covered by the boa.

This is probably the part I hated the most. I took the boa, a needle and some thread and just messily tacked it to the top and just kept overlapping the boa until I used it all.

And wallah! This is your finished product..



Hello world!

I have finally ventured over to WordPress from the Blogger world. I have to say I love the layout of WP, but I have NO clue where anything is. It took me 30 minutes to figure out how to change my blog description. Go ahead and laugh.
I guess you’re wondering what this blog will be about and let me tell you, that is a fantastic question. I have no clue. It will be everything. I’m thinking mainly it will be where I can post tutorials for different crafts I’ve made, mixed with a ton of pictures (especially of our Dane), and a little bit of life thrown in.

Bear with me through the journey of figuring out this confusing as hell WP and I hope you enjoy!