DIY Craft Organizer Board

I think I pinned this awhile ago on Pinterest and finally decided I needed to get somewhat organized. This was super simple and fairly cheap to make (under $35).



What you’ll need:

One 4′ x 2′ pegboard – $6.09 at Lowe’s

Three 2″ x 2′ pieces of wood (see picture below) –  $3.48 for all 3 at Lowe’s

Pack of 6 x 1/2 flat Philips wood screws (see picture below) – $1.06

Four 2″ screws (already had it)

Drill bit (already had it)

Drill (had it)

Philips screwdriver (had it)


32 piece hook assortment – $3.87 at Home Depot

Multi-Screwdriver Holder – $2.97 at WalMart (to hold scissors)

I picked up a shallow three tray organizer at Walmart for about $3

I wanted something to organize my spools so I picked up the 60 Spool Organizer at Micheal’s half off for $7.50


I started with pegboard, took the 2″ x 2′ wood pieces, the wood screws and a Philips screw driver and attached the pieces of wood to the back of the pegboard like this..



These are the screws I used..



If you want to paint it, now would be the time.

Then take your drill and drill bit and make the holes in each of the four corners (through the pegboard and wood piece attached).

Then (if you have help) have someone hold the board to the wall where you want it and with the 2″ screws drill through the pre-made holes and attach to the wall..



This is where I just organized it how I liked. The three tray desk organizer I got at Walmart I hot glued to two pegboard hooks so it would stay up.



I also saw a picture of people using toe separators for pedicures to hold bobbins.. BRILLIANT. (A pack of two is $.97 at Walmart)