New Sewing Machine!

So it’s been a little longer than I’d like since I last posted, but things have been crazy. The hubs had knee surgery (minor and he’s doing great!) and I’ve been sewing on my new Janome sewing machine!! I went to Joann’s for 3 things and walked out with a new machine and a cart full of stuff. FAIL. I do have to say that everything (besides the machine) was at least 40% off plus an additional 15% off from a coupon that I received through email. SCORE!

Let me just say this Janome 7330 is such an upgrade from my cheapy Brother I bought 7 years ago while I was in High School (I think at Walmart?). It has so many features and I’m just amazed with how different it feels to sew between the two machines. (I have to say I HATE the flowers on the machine. I feel like I got one of those toy machines they sell at Toys-R-Us!)

The first thing I noticed was that the pedal from the Janome is metal and the Brother was plastic. The second was how heavy the new machine was. I was really surprised by this.


All in all, I LOVE my new machine and it was definitely worth the money!